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"Not hardness, warmth melts the ice."

Josef Köberl

This means love for what you do is crucial.


That brings us to DOING! It is often very difficult to get into action. The first step on a path is often one that requires a lot of courage. This is exactly what happens to us again and again when we step into the ice water. But precisely because we practice it again and again, we learn to overcome challenges faster. Be it in ice water or in everyday life.


You are not born an ice swimmer, you develop it. The first tips and assistance can be very decisive.


In my training sessions, I try to bring the medium of ice water closer to athletes, leaders, friends of the cold and people who have never experienced the cold.


The encounter with cold water and my training has often been decisive for a change!


Many have recognized something within themselves that was already within them but they did not see.


The ice water is able to activate areas of the brain that we may not have known about ourselves in this intensity before. The cold training can be a door opener to your true self, your true strength. Both on a physical and physical level.

I'm looking forward to a KIT - Köberl Iceswim training session with you!



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Ice Swim Workshop

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