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Feeling your own strength and experiencing pure vitality: We invite everyone to explore their own limits with us and to go a little further with professional support while ice swimming in glaciers, mountain lakes and waterfalls.


What is your everyday life like right now? Do you need a cool refreshment?

There are four beautiful days here, full of extraordinary adventures.

In the K.I.T. Workshop Hintertux Glacier you will learn to reset your previous limits. Feel the power of your body and your mental strength. Your "inner powerpack" will be charged.

With each passing day, your body gets more used to the cold temperatures.


You find strength in ice water - you build resilience!

You will also experience the stillness of the Tyrolean mountain lakes and dive into thundering waterfalls.

On three exciting days we visit the natural ice palace at an altitude of over 3,000m. In this natural spectacle you will feel the power of thousands of years old ice.

You swim in the crevasse filled with crystal clear water, which has a water temperature of around minus 0.5 degrees.

The course also includes a guided tour of the natural ice palace – personally with me, of course!

In this ice cave, which is unique in the world, we will also take a boat trip through the ice channel. At a cozy dinner in the farmhouse parlor of the Badhotel Kirchler, we share our experiences every day.

The K.I.T. "Köberl Ice Training" is suitable for both beginners and advanced ice swimmers. Learn the uses and benefits of the cold through my experiences with over 5500 ice swimmers I have trained.

Details about the workshop can be found in the booking area!

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